In early 2018 TBI was tasked with coordinating the corporate rebranding of the interior and exterior of 62 clinics across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. By bringing together a team of associate contractors we were able to complete the project on time and on budget. All 62 locations were successfully completed in an 8 week timeframe totaling 42 working days.
The project consisted of a multitude of steps for completion and turn-over to client, with each conversion itself being completed with only a one-day closure to minimize business impact for the client. Steps included materials handling and storage, full removal of the existing brand, per scope for each location, including wall logos, posters and frames, window graphics and windows dressings and any other logoed items throughout.
Completion of the project included repainting all reception and hallways with new corporate colour and matching a standard new corporate colour to convert any existing office highlighted walls from the previous brand. All new corporate signage on exterior and interior, poster frames and posters, new large hanging poster frames in front facing windows, front entry logos and acrylic clinic hours holder were then strategically installed as per the scope of work designated for each location. Continuous site cleanup and final cleaning of all dust and debris were completed in time for each location to open the next day under the vivid new brand.

The project has continued as Amplifon expands, with rebranding of further acquisitions as well as some complete tenant improvement projects in new and existing retail markets.